I headed to Williams, Arizona with a stop in Amarillo, Texas for one night, and one night in Albuquerque, NM.


When I arrived in Albuquerque, NM I felt pretty good and decided what the heck push on to Williams, Arizona. That day I drove 645 miles in about 12 hours. I arrived at Canyon RV park about 2200hrs.


I arrived in Williams, quickly setup my RV and drove to town for roast chicken at Pine Country Restaurant and a couple of beers cuz I was freaking tired.

Before I arrived in Williams, I was on FB and learned that my good friend Doug Caarp has an Uncle Doug living in Williams. In a few days Doug C would arrive to take care of his uncle who was scheduled to undergo surgery before his arrival.

I toured Williams for two days, had lunch with Uncle Doug and learned of his workman's comp issues. He was injured years ago and has been suffering in pain and many surgeries since.

On the following Saturday, I attended the Demolition Derby in Flagstaff and picked up Doug C from the Amtrak station and we visited his Uncle Doug in the hospital.

I enjoyed Williams so much that I stayed a month at the park. When it was time to leave, Doug told me I could stay on his uncle's Ranch for a week before I headed to Bullhead City. I was spending time in Williams because the heat in Bullhead City was in the hundreds. I was headed to BC for the winter.

Buggy Wheel Farm is one cool place. The Master Doug Bernhard really fixed this place up lots and lots of fancy wood.... Got turkey tails and elk horns on the walls. Got wabbits all over the place, and squirrels that come in to his house to hunt for nuts. Gotta watch those nut huntin squirrels. I wear my lava lava around the house and he calls it a Hawaiian skirt. ...

He also has a cool fire pit outside where we bbq in sing Kumba Ya, Kumba Ya... w boxed wine and other puupuus. This place is so very quiet and peaceful n nobody around for miles. Got to ride his quad and did a bit of hiking around the property.

He has electricity, water is pumped into a large tank in the back runs by electric water pump into the house. He has Directv and high speed internet, cool for living out in the boonies....

While in Williams, brudha Rudy wanted to come down and visit with us. So,,,, he flew in to Phoenix and I drove three hours to pick him up. We had a great time, Doug took us to Prescott, Flagstaff, Sedona, and Jerome. The three amigos had lots of fun and practiced shooting guns n even ate wabbit......



I arrived from Kayenta at about 2300hrs. I stopped in Flagstaff at KOA to fill up with water and take a hot shower. I got to Doug's place late and slept inside the gate till he invited me over for java in the morning.

Each morning I open my door and usually see Mr. Rabbit or Squirrel crawling around. This morning it was so peaceful n quite. I walked outside naked and secured the door open with a bungee cord. When I saw Mr. Squirrel I had to run back in to the RV, you know what squirrels are after ha ha eggits.. Tink not........

I'm lucky enough to get to spend the month of June here in Williams. This is one of the coolest towns and really nice people. Plus, Doug said I got a spot on his Ranch, neato bandito.....

It's a Ranch not a Farm cuz ain't got no Corn here.....



Williams Fire Truck


Train Motel


BBQ n Fire Pit Area


Large RV Sites


My Site




My Spot


Front yard


Farm House


Agua Tank


Da Pit


My Coffee Table


My Nap Table


Shooting Spot




Classic Design


Mr. Gobble

Wabbit For Rudy


Williams Mountain


Jus For Rudy






Katok Man


Town Slut

Tata Rudy




Ms. Jackie n Maria...


Rudy saw Grand Canyon from this bench....




Grand Yup


Near Doug's Ranch




Ultimate Awesomeness