We made the long trek from Brookings Oregon all the way to sin city Las Vegas, 15 ½ hours and 874 miles. Wow what a shock difference in temperatures its 92 degrees here and it was only 54 when we left Oregon. This is a huge parking lot but a very nice secure park, with a restroom facility and we have all the amenities of the Main Street Hotel. There is no office here so I had to set up camp and walk to the front desk of the hotel. By the time I reached the front desk I was a sweaty mess the heat just got to me. The clerk thought that I was sick when I could not stop sweating. The price for one week stay at this park was $131 not bad for good spot and use of the hotels amenities.

Rudy and Brenda Tabadero met us in Vegas about five days after we arrived. They stayed at the Palace Hotel with Brenda's brother Toby and wife Arleen. Mike and Karen Kahanu arrived next day and stayed with us in our RV. They were our first RV guests.

Mike and Karen did a lot of shopping while they were in Vegas as did Brenda n Terry. Rudy and Brenda stayed with us and we visited Monterey and San Francisco or and Toby's house in Sacramento area.



Mike and Karen Relaxing



The Gang Local Style Tail Gate


Da Boys Toast To Da Warriors



Gamer Babes n Somebody Use Toilet Background



Mike and Karen

Thanks Mike For Donating This Flag



Da Hawaiians Support Da Warriors


Again Rudy Miss Part of Da Game

He Dreaming of Oxtail Soup After Da Game



Rudy's Birthday Dessert at Ruth's Chris

Las Vegas