This morning we headed for Desert Trails RV Park in Tucson Arizona. Here we go with that damn GPS unit took us the long way to South Joaquin Road. We drove through some rough terrain which included dried up riverbeds, and people’s backyards. We even had to turn around on some gravel road in a forest park area. We had a hellava time getting to Desert Trails RV Park. I met Retired HPD Officer Super Cop Stan Cook and his lovely wife Fe while I was there. Even he asked me WHY, did we take the low road to Tucson, and he laughed at our damn GPS unit. We didn’t do too much in Tucson, it was cold and we had no cable TV. We did go to Tiny’s Restaurant for a steak but no was that good. The steak had no flavoring at all and when we asked the waitress, she said that they don’t season the steaks here because the older people don’t like salt on the meat. Of course Uncle Steve said, “Hey I’m old and I like a good steak”. Funny thing our next door neighbor came to be our good friend Chuck from Chicago. He is a retired police officer from Illinois, Charles Fiorvanti. One night he brought us some VHS tapes to watch some old cowboy movies. I told him Chuck what da heck is VHS we only get DVD, it was funny you should’ve been there. We went to the Tucson Street Fair in town which was very cool four blocks of shopping and different food booths. This is where I got the idea to purchase DirecTV satellite service so that we can watch TV wherever we go. It was difficult setting up the dam dish and carrying it around with us on the RV but I made do with it for almost a year before I got the automatic dish .


This morning I left for a 7 hour drive to Tucson. I was going to leave the RV in storage at Desert Trails RV and go back to Hawaii for Roxane’s 50 th birthday and also to visit my sweetie Teresa.. However, on the way my RV shook and the passenger tire had a flat and ripped off leaving threads of tire. I did not realize that I had a flat and that’s probably why I drove a little while and the tire got chewed up. I was about 50 miles from the nearest town, it was noon on Sunday and I had a flat tire. Well I called for aid and since I did not have any roadside coverage for the RV, I had to pay the charge of $395. This was just to have the guy come out and change my flat tire on a Sunday. I had roadside coverage on my truck but not the RV. Needles to say, I purchased assistance from Good Sam’s for the RV the next week. While waiting for the service, I thought that I could back up the RV tires on a block of wood and change it myself, no can. I made the mistake of leaving the tail gate down and when I backed up the unit, the tail gate tore into the storage compartment and ripped off its hinges. I was so angry at myself that I tore off the last hinge and threw the tail gate into the street.

I arrived in Tucson three hours late and settled in to the park. I took a shower and went right to Tiny’s, a local bar and grill just down the street and had dinner and a few beers. After today, I figured I earned it but what the heck I am retired and deserve it every day ha ha…… I stayed in Tucson for several weeks trying to secure a repair on the RV and truck so that things could get fixed while I was in Hawaii. I met Larry, head guy at Canyon State RV and he took my RV and Truck and would have them fixed by the time I returned in January 2011. I dropped off Duke at a kennel service and Larry dropped me off at hotel for the night before my flight.


I returned to Tucson and picked up my truck and RV the same day. Everything was repaired to specs and I also ordered four new tires because the flat was probably caused by an excess weight on the RV. The tires that were put on by Jayco were at the limit and Larry believed that I should go one series higher for safety. I met up with my old friend Chuck from Chicago while in Tucson. I also realized that you should never walk around the RV Park at night in slippers…… Five new tires, mounted for $586. Yeah I stepped on cactus, no go wit slippas at night around the park… I went with Chuck to a fishing hole, skinned a rabbit, and ate catfish fry, oh and I also joined local Silver Sneakers exercise class for the time I was there. Yeah I worked out with older..... people but they were real nice. They even invited me bowling one afternoon.....