Salmon Harbor RV Park

Smith River


On 5-27-2011, I arrived in Smith River, California and stayed a week at Salmon Harbor RV Park. I finally made it to this park it is owned by Ned Burgess Sr., so I finally got to stay at Bradha’s pops RV Park. It is a really neat park right on the ocean neato. I also got treated to an ono sushi dinner that Ned took me to. The freshest sashimi I have had since leaving Hawaii. The owner told Ned that she had FedEx the fish overnight from Honolulu. The grounds were very well kept and the shower facility very clean and cozy. There is even and electric heater on the ceiling to keep you toasty for those cold morning showers.

Ned also has a wonderful friendly staff on hand. The pool room aka card room is very cozy and you can tell that guests are treated warnly and made to feel part of the Ohana. I thank Ned and the front office wahines for all their hospitality.....

I toured the Fox Casino and had the prime dinner buffet. This is a simple casino full of nice little restaurants and bars.

I also drove through the forest and seen some real spooky old trees and hiking areas. The forest is one cool neato place to hang out.

I also visited the next town across the border in Oregon called Brookings. This was a really neat little ocean city with lots of fishing boats n little mom n pop stores and super nice people. I saw this smoked salmon backs for sale. I did not know what that was but it was actually what we call in Hawaii Aki bones. They smoke the salmon bone which still has lots of meat on it. This was my treet it was so ono, I saved some for Rudy in my freezer. He really enjoyed that smoked salmon, you know Rudy and his love for fish.....



The Office


View of Office from Beach


Sea Worthy Art Decor!!!


The Rocks in Harbor


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