Today I headed east, next stop Sedona, Arizona red rock country another favorite destination. I arrived at Oak Creek RV Park in the afternoon and discovered that there is a small creek behind me real cool. Of course there was this big tree blocking my sat dish and I was unable to watch the Super bowl from here but I did find a nice bar to watch it. I stayed here a week and enjoyed touring all over town.

One day I decided to visit the Palatki Heritage Site to view Native American cliff dwelling sites. As I drove closer to the mountains, I noticed that it was raining close to the hills. When I arrived, I put on my jacket got my umbrella and started walking when some lady yelled, it’s not raining its snowing. Much to my surprise it started to snow, freaken wow this was so cool and so damn cold. I was wearing my usual nylon shorts, tennis shoes and this was not the day, not to wear any bvd’s. Damn it was cold but wow what a view we had so cool.

I also visited Sedona in 2008. A trip was planned with Rudy and Brenda to Las Vegas. We were going to meet Toby and Arlene and paint the town, along with Gabe and Lehua. I arrived early and took the 4 hour drive to Sedona, wow was such a cool place that I decided to visit the area again with the RV.