San Francisco


3-27-2011, We arrived at the San Francisco RV Resort in Pacifica. This is a really nice RV Park with Jacuzzi and sites that overlook the Bay. I got to tour San Francisco and visit with my brother in the city by the bay. I also had some unreal Cioppino at Fisherman’s Wharf yummmmy. I stayed by myself for about two more months got to hang out with brother and see couple Giants games. I was lucky and got to attend Willie Mays 80th birthday party at AT&T stadium. They gave away a bronze statue of “The Say Hey Kid” for the first 10,000 fans cool huh….

9-19-2011, This morning Rudy, Brenda and I left for San Francisco, with a few stops along the way. We made an overnight stop in Bakersfield RV Park. I remember somewhere along the way, things were hanging off the back of the RV because I never secure them correctly. We stopped to check things out and my electrical cord was dangling on the ground and was damaged. So chucked it on the side of the road and we had to Google and look for another cord, $278 .

On 9-20-2011, This afternoon we arrived in Monterey and spent a few nights at The Monterey Pines Military RV Park. We were here to visit with Rudy's cousin and her family. A family friend works at the golf shop and she was able to get us a cite. We had a nice visit with his family and really enjoyed shopping and dining in Monterey. We also made a pit stop to the largest Artichoke in the world. We loved this place and also enjoyed a pedal boat ride around the lake.

On 9-23-2011, We arrived in Pacifica for a month long stay and Rudy n Brenda were going to be here for about eight days. The next morning I drove them to Toby and Arleen’s house for a two night stay. The rest of the time was spent in San Francisco visiting with Brenda’s friend Darlene and touring Fisherman’s Wharf. Rudy and I got to go to a Giants game for free thanks to my brother Augie. He has a friend who gets him tickets for cheap and we had a good time at the game.

After everybody went home, I stayed in Pacifica for awhile and was able to tour the area and also take in a few Giants game. In fact, I wanted to go to the opening season game but the tickets were $200 a pop. So I decided to catch the BART down there and watch the game at Pedro's bar and I had a great time. Almost everyone in the restaurant were Giants fans it was awesome.