San Diego


On 3-11-2011, I arrived in San Diego and I stayed at Sante Fe RV Park a real nice place against the mountains. I also had a chance to visit Grandpa Maldonado at the care home. He used to pick me up at the Naval Base in San Diego 34 years ago. I would go to his house and he would sing Hawaiian songs and Grandma would cook ono kind food for me. One time they took me across the Mexican border down to Ensenada to so some fishing. I was really glad I got to see him because he passed away about a month later. RIP Gramps…….

My best memory is when I visited Karl Strauss Brewery such a great place excellent food and damn ono beer. I told the waitress about my travels and she gave me the opportunity to open the yearly cask of Oatmeal Stout Beer. Every year in March they open a special brew and hold a ceremony which someone in the audience knocks in the cork while everyone counts down. The manager announced who I was and what I was doing in San Diego and they cheered me on. Then I got to have the first glass of beer from that special brew. Oh and the manager also gave me two large pints of special beer and a really cool Karl Strauss hat. That was one special day for me.



Coronado Bridge


U.S.S. Neversail


Cabrillo Park


Fog Is Rolling In!!


Karl Strauss Brewery


San Diego Coast


Cliff Homes


Diego Bay


Funny Kin Tree




Biggest Can of Brewski...




"Like A Kid in a Candy Store"

This Was My Place!!!!


Manager Gave Us A Gift!!


Oatmeal Stout My Fav!!!

I Was The Chosen One!!!


All Hail "Karl Strauss"


Love Is In The Air......
This is Bread Pudding
Take Out Doggie Bag