San Antonio 2013



This morning, Uncle Steve n I head to San Antonio a 1210 mile drive. We went to visit Elisha, Xavian n Gary and also Festival 2013. The first night we stopped in a small town. We drove on n arrived in SAT on Sunday.

It was so great to see my little girl, n grandson Xavian. Wow that kid was walking n talking, n biting ha ha so cool. I got to look at all the pictures from their Hawaii vacation and Xavian's First Birthday party...

The next day, I had lunch with Alex Devora on his break from catching criminals in San Antonio. Alex is Brenda's cousin and I met him in Colorado 2010. He is a police officer in San Antonio and a professional photographer.

I got to have dinner with Alex n lovely wife Barbara at a really cool Mexican restaurant near the Festival. I have been hearing for years about the big festival in San Antonio from Brenda. She was supposed to come down but plans did not work out, again (right Alex?). I got to see the biggest night parade ever. Thanks Alex n Barbara.....

My first day of the Festival, Elisha, Xavian n Uncle Steve toured the area. This place was so crowded with people n alcohol n lots of food...

My old Navy brudha Ruben Garcia also lives in SAT. He told me that the Navy was coming to town for the festival. Shipmates, Terry Lucarelli n wife Pat flying in from PA, Sammy Blay was driving down from Springtown. This was one cool reunion, all of us had a great time, food n beer.....

Me n Elisha took Xavian to his first kiddie park, it wasn't as fun for him as it was for us...


Grandson 1st Festival

Familia Holla..


Holla Papi!!!!!

Me n Alex

Terry, Pat n Ruben

Police Celebrate Festival


Sammy, Terry, Pat, Ruben

You're Not So Damn Interesting


The old crew USS Sample


Quatro Tacos


Holla baby!!


Rudy Tripas


My first Princess!!!


Old Navy vs New Navy


Mi Tierra


SAT Police

Flambou Parade



Terry Re-enlisted???




Hey Two Luves


Holla Grampa!!!


Can I have sip Gramps?


What u said??


Yeah here we Go..


Stop this Train!!!!!


My first School Bus Ride

Elisha made this ride Dip.



Real Cowboy..




Having funnn w gramps

Lots of buttons...



Take me Off




I wanna real pony...

I want Cotton Candy....

Xavian n Donald.