San Antonio



The drive from El Paso to San Antonio took a total of nine hours. We spent the night at some truck stop and did not have to pay anything to spend the night amongst the big rigs. We parked in the back far away from any big rigs. I walked over to the truck stop restaurant and had some fried chicken for dinner. That had something called a Barbacoa Buffet that night. When I asked the waitress what that was, she looked at me kinda strange and said that it was a buffet with all kinds of BBQ meat. I said sorry I from Hawaii never heard of that thing. I will just have fried chicken thank you.

We went to sleep and when we woke up Uncle Steve said look outside. The whole parking lot was full of big rigs and the closest one was about less than a foot from our cabin door. Wow I said lets go get the heck outta here looks spooky next to the big rigs may even be a serial killer next to us. So, I walked Duke and we left no even brush teeth nah too fuete we gone. We arrived in San Antonio before lunch. We missed the exit for the Lackland RV Park, and had to go around the entire Lackland Air Force base to get back to the park. It was all one way streets in that area that’s why we missed the turn. When we finally reached the park, yikes this was the worst park I have ever been in. The shower area was not even fit to use, so much mildew and the place was just the grossest.

While in San Antonio, I got to hook up with my Navy brother Rueben Garcia (Radio Tech). He took me to the best authentic Mexican restaurant I have ever been to so onolicious damn. He even took me to his house which was huge. This guy had bottles of Don Juan Tequila in his refer and he had me try some wow at 1 pm, damn Mexicans. He was a post office clerk and worked the grave yard shift so I did not spend much time with him but he took me all over town on his two days off.

He took me to the Natural Bridge Caverns. The caverns are located near the city of New Braunfels, Texas in the Texas Hill Country next to the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, a drive-through wildlife safari park. The caverns feature several unique speleothems and other geological formations. The temperature inside the cave is 70 degrees year-round and the deepest part of the public tour is 211 feet below the surface.

He even took me to the famous Riverwalk of San Antonio. We toured the area, had some cerveza’s and some good Mexican food. Thanks Rueben for a great time.

I went to Riverwalk again with Uncle Steve, we also visited the famous Alamo....

Navy Buddy Ruben
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Alien Head
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Uncle Steve at The Alamo and River Walk!
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San Antonio...
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