RV Damages


7-13-2010 Colby, Kansas

The Bottom of the Jayco Fell Down

I left the family heading for Colorado. I was scheduled to spend the night somewhere in Colby, Kansas. Before I arrived in Colby, I heard noises coming from the bottom of the RV. I stopped and discovered that part of the bottom covering all the pipes had collapsed and several duct hoses were exposed. I spent the night at a nearby motel and secured the RV. I tied up the bottom as best as I could because there were no service centers around and I did not know where the hell I was at any way. Actually, I felt as though I was in a foreign country, Colby Kansas.

I arrived at Golden Terrace RV in Golden, Colorado the next day. Before the RV park, I stopped at Camping World just down the street to get an estimate on the repair. After several hours of standby service, I was told that it would cost about $1,000 to repair the RV. At that time, I believed that Jayco only had a one year warranty and since I purchased the RV in February of 2009, I thought the warranty had expired. Several days later, I contacted the salesman who sold me the RV and asked for his advice. He told me that Jayco had a two year warranty and that I should call them to get the RV fixed. I contacted Jayco and set up an appointment with Camping World for the repair. The RV was repaired and I was a happy camper…

07-15-2010 Golden, Colorado

I decided to move sites to one that was more level because I could not get my sat dish aligned. Since it was just around the corner, I neva up the rear jacks all the way. So when I went over the speed bumbs I bent the rear stabilizer jacks. Guess there is a first time for everything. I can tell you it won’t happen again.


Flat Tire/Reverse Into RV

This morning I left for a 7 hour drive to Tucson. I was going to leave the RV in storage at Desert Trails RV and go back to Hawaii for Roxane’s 50 th birthday and also to visit my sweetie Teresa.. However, on the way my RV shook and the passenger tire had a flat and ripped off leaving threads of tire. I did not realize that I had a flat and that’s probably why I drove a little while and the tire got chewed up. I was about 50 miles from the nearest town, it was noon on Sunday and I had a flat tire. Well I called for aid and since I did not have any roadside coverage for the RV, I had to pay the charge of $395. This was just to have the guy come out and change my flat tire on a Sunday. I had roadside coverage on my truck but not the RV. Needles to say, I purchased assistance from Good Sam’s for the RV the next week. While waiting for the service, I thought that I could back up the RV tires on a block of wood and change it myself, no can. I made the mistake of leaving the tail gate down and when I backed up the unit, the tail gate tore into the storage compartment and ripped off its hinges. I was so angry at myself that I tore off the last hinge and threw the tail gate into the street.



Reversed Into Far Hills Wall

While parking the RV, I reversed into the wood wall at the park. The wall was pushed over a bit but no one came out and said anything and so did I. Always be aware of your zone..... No damage to my side....



Fell Into Side of Avalanche??

While bbq near the side of Avalanche, I fell forward and dented the side of the RV. Gotta keep your balance, keep your ass in the center Osu???