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Trailer Life Directory RV Road Atlas

The Official Good Sam RV Road Atlas

Don’t get stuck with an outdated atlas, this one has over 14,826 changes AND it was created just for RVers to help you stay on the right road. This atlas is up-to-date with new roadways, campgrounds, and RV-friendly travel centers. RV Friendly Truck Routs are highlighted in GREEN.

This source will simplify your travels by locating 800+ RV service centers, more than 900 tourist attractions, and 1,600 state parks. If you can’t find it on the map, then you can look it up in the Index arranged for your convenience.

You will also discover exciting fun festivals and Good Sam gatherings along your route. The RV Road Atlas will help you plan your fun.

The Official Good Sam Club RV Road Atlas is the only road atlas that shows all U.S., Mexico and Canada listings found in the 2009 Trailer Life Campgrounds, RV Parks & Services Directory.

Remember the hassle of taking wrong turns, being unaware of newer roadways, waiting in busy traffic… Do not wait to get your hands on the New RV Road Atlas! Your Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.


RV Repair & Maintenance Manual

The book that has been an industry standard for almost 15 years is now bigger than ever with more pages, new chapters and updates on the latest appliances, accessories and procedures in easy-to-understand-and-apply layman’s terms.

Whether you’re a seasoned or shade-tree mechanic or you rely on a professional service center, knowing how your rig works and how to keep it in tip-top shape gives you the upper hand – and many miles of trouble free RV travel.

This is the most popular resource for RVers for learning step-by-step how to maintain and repair your RV. The fourth edition has been updated and expanded to keep up with the latest in RV improvements and procedures.



Support Your RV Lifestyle

By: Jaimie Hall
Working on the Road is the handbook for those who need an income or are looking for ways to reduce expenses as they travel.

Some topics include:

Know yourself: Determine your goals for working and traveling on the road and figure how much money it will take.
Nitty Gritty of getting RV work to support your RVing: Learn where you find higher paying jobs, write your RV resume, prepare for interviewing and negotiation. Learn how income taxes and other factors will impact your income.

Job list and more than 300 moneymaking opportunities: Includes jobs, job categories, ideas for your own business on the road, and volunteering. Actual working RVers are profiled.

RV lifestyle considerations: Find out about unique issues that face the full-time RVer and managing expenses like health insurance.

The 2nd edition of Support Your RV Lifestyle! is out. It is THE handbook for working on the road. At 400 pages, it includesall the how-to's for finding jobs and moneymaking opportunities. Chock full of resources, it has ten appendices with contact information for state tourist bureaus, state parks, state revenue offices, state motor vehicle and licensing bureaus and more, plus an additional 32 pages of resources.


Wal-Mart Atlas

Wal-Mart Atlas is a comprehensive guide to more than 4,000 Walmart stores, Supercenters, and Sam's Club stores in the United States. Detailed maps show you where the stores are located and whether gas or diesel fuel is available.

Information for each store includes:

    City or town where the store is located
    Type of store (Walmart, Supercenter, or Sam's Club)
    Availability of gasoline and diesel fuel
    Distance from Interstate highway within ten miles
    Open 24 hours
    Auto service
    Zip code
    Phone number
    GPS coordinates
    Driving directions

Whether you're a blacktop boondocker or regular shopper, the Wal-Mart Atlas will help you locate stores throughout America!



RV Home Base 2009

2009 Edition. The RVer's Home Base Planning Guide. This book is designed to help you choose the home base state that will benefit you the most. Includes state-by-state comparisons. Federal and state taxes: state and local sales tax, personal income tax, retirement income. Vehicles: registration fees, annual vehicle tax, emission tests, safety inspections, insurance requirements. Cost of living indicators: per capita income, house values and property taxes, fuel prices and taxes, state tax burden. Plus voting requirements, weather charts, population data and helpful state resources. Paperback. 88 pages. Written by Roundabout Publications.




Trailers & Fifth Wheels Made Easy

Dollar for dollar, this book offer more information about how to operate a travel trailer or other towable RV than any other book published today. At $8.95 it’s a bargain. It’s a little book — about 59 pages — but it’s packed with concise information about how to operate a towable RV in a safe and efficient way. The author leads the reader through the important features of a new RV step-by-step, allowing them to learn as they get acquainted at their own speed. His information will also come in handy later when problems occur, as they always do. Author Bill Bryant is a 40-year RVing veteran, who knows his stuff. Throughout his book are hundreds of "Bill's hints." For example, here are a few that involve liquids: --Always protect your plumbing with a pressure regulator. --Always taste the water before adding it to your fresh water tank. --Never leave the black water dump valve open when connected to a sewer. --Make ice at night. The refrigerator works better. The book is not a repair manual and it’s not filled with boring stories. Rather, it’s organized by major systems commonly found in towable RVs, concisely and clearly explaining 'HOW TO USE" them correctly the first time. "Bill's Hints" follow each section and directly address DOs and DON'Ts for avoiding problems and for getting the most enjoyment from your RV. Almost every hint alone could save the RVer the purchase price of the book many times over. This book is a must-have for the new RV owner, but even experienced RVers will benefit from what they learn. Published 2005.



RV Walkthrough

The RV Walkthough Reference Manual is written with the help a certified RVIA technician with more than ten years experience walking new RV buyers through their newly purchased recreational vehicles. New RV buyers who do not have the luxury of an extended walk through (most dealerships will take 30-45 minutes to do the job), will find this handy little book a big help, and save much frustration trying to figure things out. For its low price, this fully detailed and illustrated manual is written concisely, and covers both towable RVs and motorhomes. An RV owner can refer it over and over, for example, when a particular RV’s manual is hard to understand or simply does not address a certain procedure or system. Topics include how to use all systems LP gas, electric, water, sewer including specialized topics like water heaters, thermostats, slide outs, jack leveler, awnings, antennas, storage compartments, underbelly and low point water drains. . . and much more. This is NOT a highly detailed manual, and chances that your own RV will be somewhat different than those the author uses as examples. But all in all, it serves as a very handy guide to using an RV’s onboard features and systems. Published 2008. 52 pages



Do It Yourself RV Care

Gary Bunzer’s monthly RV Doctor column has been educating and enlightening RVers for more than 30 years, making it one the longest-running RV technical columns in the industry. Gary began writing and producing training videotapes for RV owners and professional RV service techs in 1988. Six of his original seven productions are still in use today at various technician training venues across North America. This DVD is written and presented at the RV owner level and shows those systems and components that need regular attention. As Gary states, “Today’s RVer understands the necessity for annual preventive maintenance; they just need guidance in how to actually perform many of those tasks themselves.” This production walks the RVer through the proper procedures that are easily handled by the astute RV handyperson. “Lots of RVers, especially those who attend my seminars, choose to do their own maintenance so why not show them the proper way of doing just that?” asks Gary. “Many RVers actually like to tinker with their rigs and performing simple maintenance tasks will add many miles of RVing enjoyment to their travels.” In this 63-minute production Gary provides you with visual instructions for inspecting and maintaining the AC system, LP appliances, liquid propane, air conditioning, battery systems and plumbing systems. There is also specific information about motorhomes and towable RVs. This DVD was produced in cooperation with the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), the national association representing more than 550 manufacturers and component suppliers producing approximately 98 percent of all RVs made in the United States. 63 minutes. Produced in 2007.



10 Minute Tech Volume 2

This book is a piece of work – packed with solid tips about how to fix, modify, troubleshoot or otherwise improve an RV. Aimed at both the novice and the seasoned pro, the information is drawn from Trailer Life and Motorhome magazines' "Quick Tips" self-help column, written by and for RVers and based on actual experience. The book contains little-known tips that RVers shouldn't live without and hundreds of illustrations and line drawings to make changes easy. Arranged in a straightforward reference format for easy access to particular problems, 10-Minute Tech provides the no-nonsense advice readers have come to expect from this series. Learn, for example, how to keep roof downspouts from leaving black streaks with a simple clothespin. Learn how to flush out your holding tank without dragging a water hose through your rig. Learn how to wash your rig without a hassle in campgrounds that don’t allow washing. Learn how to keep mice from crawling up your power line. Yipes! This list of things to do to an RV is like the Ever Ready Bunny: it just keeps goin' and goin' and goin': learn how to make a $100 patio shade with $18 worth of material from a local hardware store. . . And there's a whole lot more – 600 illustrated tips. This book is hot stuff, and every RVer should read it and refer to it often. Give this as a gift and make an RVer yell, "Wow, this is swell!" Published in 2004. 174 pages (oversize pages).



10 Minute Tech Volume 3

Find a nifty way to pump your TV’s sound through your rig’s high quality radio speakers, get a creative solution to keep your wheel covers from blowing off in high winds, learn a simple trick to help you shut your screen door easier, learn how to fit more shoes in a tight closet, get a simple solution to help control grease spattering from your stove to kitchen walls. And there is so much more. This 2006-edition book is jam-packed with more than 600 tips and tricks, most illustrated in full color. Get this for yourself or give it to your favorite RVer as a gift. 174 pages.



RV Boondocking Basics

If freedom from crowds, noise and high camping fees appeals to you, then you will benefit from the second edition (2004) of this information-packed book about how to live in your RV without RV parks and utility hookups. The authors are veteran boondockers and share their tricks of living with all the comforts for only pennies a day. Each winter, they leave the cold and damp Pacific Northwest for the dry warmth of the Arizona desert. They write: "While hundreds of our fellow RVers lay out hard-earned cash to stay at area RV parks, listening to the snores of their neighbors, we don’t. Instead, we head out to the desert where there’s plenty of wide-open space. And the rent? We pay less to "Uncle Sam" to stay put for six months than most of the "RV parkers" pay their landlords for two weeks in the city. . . . and if we don’t like the neighborhood, we can simply crank down the wind turbine, hitch up and we’re off to new places." In Russ and Tina Demaris’s newly expanded and best-selling book you will learn how to: --Use the sun and wind for power using solar panels and wind turbines (and learning the advantages and disadvantages of each). --Install and maintain an efficient battery system. --Operate "shore power" equipment like TVs, microwaves and computers from the batteries. --Get fresh water and get rid of waste water without moving your RV. --Stay warm with less "battery" and "LP" power. --Find the right battery, solar panel, wind turbine, inverter and heater. For RVers who don't like to pay the high prices of utility hookups and/or prefer to camp away from packed RV parks, this book is a very valuable and unique resource. Second edition published April, 2004.




At Last! An RV guide equal to the wonderful western routes it describes. This should be consider a mandatory piece of equipment for your journey. A year-round guide to the best RVing in the West.

Imagine being in the mountains, forests, or deserts of the American West at Nature's most beautiful and fascinating times. Far from the beaten path, in any season of the year, the peace and spectacular scenery are there for you to enjoy. And you can do it all in the comfort of your recreational vehicle.



At Last! A guide that will help turn your dream vacations into reality. The Woodall's library brings you the ultimate guide to the eastern routes. This should be consider a mandatory piece of equipment for your journey. A year-round guide to the best RVing in the East.

Imagine being in the South of Florida to Prince Edward Island, from Ohio to Illinois. The Great Eastern RV Trips guides you to magnificent scenery and must-see events throughout the eastern United States and Canada. And do it all from the comfort of your recreational vehicle.



by Gary Bunzer (RV Doctor)

Be the first in your neighborhood to own a brand new 4th edition of Woodall's RV Owner's Handbook, the ultimate guide you need to help you accomplish preventive maintenance in order to avoid a crisis on the road. This completely revised edition has detailed information for working on any type of RV including some of the latest models on the market today. Hundreds of updated photos and illustrations make tasks and instructions easy to understand. Woodall's NEW RV Owner's Handbook is a must-have for your RVing library, whether you are an RVing Veteran or brand-new to the outdoors.



This third edition of the RV Handbook from Trailer Life Books is the bible for RVers: it’s a “no-fluff” comprehensive guide for both novice and seasoned RVers. Packed with checklists, photos, schematics and charts – as well as plenty of sound, user-friendly technical advice. Features hundreds of proven RV tips, tricks and techniques to save you time, money and maybe even your sanity! You simply won’t find this level of detail covered in any other RV book.



A comprehensive introduction for those completely new to camping on wheels, this book is also useful for experienced RVers who want a larger or different type of RV.

Learn How To:

  • Drive an RV
  • Unhook an RV
  • Pack an RV
  • Maintain an RV
  • Live in an RV
  • Boondock in an RV
  • Hook up an RV
  • Dump the holding tanks on an RV
  • Also covers safety, interior and exterior features and available accessories to enhance RV living.




You're no idiot, of course. You've got big plans for that new RV of yours. You and the family want to do some touring and then head to a campground on your next vacation, but you're not sure you know enough to put the pedal to the metal...

Don't shift into neutral! The Complete Idiot's Guide to RVing 2nd Edition will help you get road-worthy—and help you plan your next adventure.