Rancho Jarupa Park


We arrived at Rancho Jurupa Park in Riverside for a two weeks stay. We parked and secured the RV in a decent site and realized that they never removed the factory battery. Oops, scored a $95 battery now I have two 12 volt batteries on my Jayco. That evening I spent an hour looking through the manuals trying to figure out how I was going to start the propane furnace. It was already getting cold and you know me I only had shorts and a t-shirt on. The manual said it was a self igniting unit, what dat mean?? Well I just turned on the switch and it fired up I had heat and was so happy. I spent the next couple of days getting things put away and organized some kinda way anyway.



First RV site



Reese 15k Pro Series Adjustable Hitch



The RV Sites Were Very Large


First 5th Wheel Skirt



Uncle Steve Try Stay Warm



Uncle Steve's Bunk



My Queen Size Bed



External 42 Gallon Diesel Tank



My First of Many Injuries