Earlier this month, Claire emailed me and said that she had left Iraq and was taking a vacation break in Virginia before returning to Hawaii. She told me to drive my RV to Reedville and visit with her at her new house. Yup, Claire purchased a home on the same road as her mother’s and brother’s house.

I decided to fly to Virginia while Elisha stayed back in Killeen to dog sit Duke. I arrived in Richmond on 6-15-2010.

Claire met me at the airport with her new truck. When she left Reedville for the airport, she put out several crab pots off the pier that’s part of her property. When we arrived at her house, there were crabs waiting for us yeah. I met Claire’s mom, dad, and brothers and many of her mom’s friends. The road they live on has four homes, each of them with their own pier. Three of them owned by Claire, her brother, and Mom, and the last house some other Haole guy.

We had a crab party one night, Claire got a big bucket of crab and her brother showed me the correct way to cook crabs with special seasoning and proper techniques. We ate crab, crab, crab and crab with beer which was the best crab time I have ever had. There were eight adults and we could not even eat all the crab. It was so ono, wow what a memory, what a trip such a cool place. On Father’s day, Claire’s brother, took us to dinner in his boat all the way to the restaurant. Claire’s mom and dad drove over. So cool you can ride a boat over to the ocean front restaurant and moor your dinghy fronting the restaurant and have dinner .

The town of Reedville is small and has a lot of character. It’s a cool little town with a rich history and nice people. We had dinner at Claire’s mom house each night and let me tell you she can cook some ono food. She said she never made lau lau or poi but she is willing to try. Every day, every day when Claire’s brother was pau work, she made us a cocktail. Large sippy cups with juice and vodka it was a traditional drink we enjoyed every day. He even took us on a kayak ride several times to tour the Chesapeake Bay .

I had a blast in Virginia, Claire’s family are really super nice people. Her moms house is so huge and her and Bob are real good nice folks. They all treated me like family and someday I wish to visit with them all again. I also miss da sippy cup meetings we had EVERY DAY... EVERY DAY ……