03-11-2010, We left Quartzsite and headed east to Phoenix. We got to the RV Park about 1530 hours, hooked up everything and headed into town for some kau kau. When we returned about two hours later, there was water coming out of the basement and I panicked. Apparently, the shower faucet had come loose during our travel. Before leaving for lunch, I turned on the water and by the time we got back the gray water tank was overflowing onto the bedroom floor. The entire storage area was soaked and I had to remove everything and lay it on the grass for two days to let things dry. An old timer told me this; “Whenever you leave the RV, turn off the water supply outside in case of a leak”. Now he tells me duhhh won’t happen again Gus. We toured the town and there were many tourists stuff to see. We went to Canyon Lake Vista, Apache Junction, Deer Valley Rock Art Center, Echo Canyon Summit, Hohokam Stadium (home of MLB Spring Training). We went to see a live baseball game between the Chicago Cubs and the San Francisco Giants.

Oh and this is the place where I first tried deep fried jalapeno chips, damn ono......... Not much here in Phoenix kinda boring town.