Part 2



When we woke this morning it was raining and I did not feel comfortable driving in the rain so we asked the ranger if we could stay till late in the afternoon to see if rain would stop. At about 1500 hours, the rain had stopped and we decided to chance um and headed to Vegas.

While we were driving, some lady pulled up alongside us and was pointing at the back of our RV and she also had a note on the window that said check back. We pulled over and found that I did not tie the cooler down well enough and it was dragging on the ground. Also the recliner I had back there had some road rash. We secured our load and kept moving forward.

We arrived at The Hitchin Post RV Park after dark and turned into their driveway. The clerk told me that I had to reverse into the street in order to go around the building and enter the locked gate. Here we go again and it was pitch-dark. She guided me back and I did it like a pro but when we got to our RV site, I had to back into it in the dark and there was a stone wall behind us. Luckily the ten year veteran of the park, Harry came out with his flashlight and helped me back in. I did another fine job at this one perfect performance. We were close to a fenced in Dog Park really a nice place but lots of full time residents there.

The shower area was very nice each stall had a swinging wooden door like you would find in a sauna. The facilities here were very nice and the people were very friendly. There was a couple next to us, wife worked at one of the casinos and the husband smoked cigarettes all day long. He had some kind of spinal problem and walked crooked. He said that he had some kind of spine cancer and his voice was real raspy from all the smoking. Each morning we would see Harry outside feeding and talking to his friend the squirrel. Also each morning someone from the park would visit Harry and they would talk shop outside. I guessed that he was the longest resident and seemed to know how to fix just about anything he was a real nice neighbor.

This RV Park had a small motel and a large restaurant and bar in the front. We had the flat iron steak dinner for $11.99, of course we never heard of that kind of steak but it was real good. I met one of the bar tenders her name is Terry and she grew up in Maui. She said she moved to Vegas 10 years ago because of the job situation in Maui.


01-30-2010 Anaheim RV Resort

Well we finally arrived at Anaheim RV Resort and here we go again I had to reverse into this site also. This was a really nice park; it had a Jacuzzi and a heated swimming pool, and private shower restroom facilities. Our neighbors were there for several months during the winter. They had a top class Jayco Designer 5 th wheel, he was the colonel and his wife was Ping from China. We had a good time getting to know them; Ping spoke little English and kept to herself. The colonel had all kinds of stories to tell us. Some of them were hard to believe, but me and Uncle Steve had coffee with him almost every morning and laughed at his stories later.


02-01-2010 Disneyland

We caught the shuttle on our first day trip to Disneyland. We spent two days at Disneyland and one day at California Adventure Park.



02-04-2010 Hollywood

We took a day trip to Hollywood and walked all over the place looking for stars. We had a great time shopping and having a beer or two. We really enjoyed walking around and looking at all the stars on the sidewalk and even the footprints at the Chinese theater. But we did not see any real stars oh well maybe next time.


02-05-2010 The Queen Mary

We traveled back to Long Beach to visit The Queen Mary ship. I remember visiting this ship when I was in the Navy many years ago with my shipmates. We walked the entire length of the ship and all the floors that were allowed.

We had the most delicious homemade milk shakes made with real ice cream and fresh fruits and candies. This ship was the largest Terry has ever been on and it was a spectacular sight for all of us. We went to the engine room and seen the giant diesel engine and control rooms as well as the sick bay.



Uncle Steve and I stayed in Anaheim for several more weeks and I was able to get some rust work repaired on the truck. Because of the salt in Kahuku, the front end of the truck looked bad and I decided to get it repaired before heading for Texas. I had to pay $2,750 for the repairs but at least I had the peace of mind that my front end was not going to fall out on me while in transit. Every Friday and Saturday night Disneyland had fireworks and we were able to see the show from the RV Park. Each time, Uncle Steve would walk outside and down the road to watch the free show it was a cool thing to see and do. He also loved to walk to the Mexican market and get his fruits and he like walking across the park to the In Door Swap Meet.



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