On August 1 st, I stayed at the Holiday RV Park in Phoenix which is in the Medford area. This was a nice RV Park with a swimming pool and a creek along one side. I also found a Hawaiian Restaurant adjacent to the park with some ono food.

I had a problem with the sat dish and cable hookup. I made an appointment at Triple A RV to get things checked out. According to technician, the sat cables were kinked and the job that Camping World did on the installation was not correct. The manager at Camping World agreed to pay Triple A to have the repair done at a cost of about $550. The sat dish was still not working properly and had to be replaced. Apparently, the dish, a/c shroud cover and sewer exhaust pipe was damaged by collision with a tree. I don’t believe that I hit a tree branch and the salesman who delivered the unit was not going to admit that he struck a tree, so I had to file an insurance claim. I had to pay the $500 deductible to Good Sam Insurance and the dish was working just fine. All in all, I spent four nights in their parking lot with free water and electricity.