On 04-08-2010, we finally arrived in Killeen Texas at the Cicada Springs RV Park. That night, Uncle Steve and I visited Auntie Dolly at her house and had a very nice time. On the 10 th of April, Auntie Dolly drove me to Waco Texas to the Texas Ranger Museum. I really enjoyed this tour I learned a lot about how the Rangers got to be.

The tour, Auntie Dolly and Uncle Godfrey took me on the Temple Train Ride. We sure had a lot of fun and even saw a cowboy gun fight show. My auntie was a bad girl and was arrested and placed in a jail cell.

In late April, Uncle Steve decided to go back to Hawaii. He really missed his family and probably had enough of me. He said that he had a really great time and it was hard to see him leave. I took him to the Killeen airport and he flew to Dallas for his flight to Hawaii.

On May 13 th, Elisha moved to Texas to start a new life and career. She arrived at the Killeen airport and she stayed with me in the RV for several months until I left for Colorado. On May 27 th I flew to Los Angeles and picked up her vehicle at the Horizon Lines. That same day I picked up her cargo which Ron Richardson helped ship over for her. I loaded up her car with her cargo and stopped at Julianne’s house for a couple of hours. I left after dark and started my four day drive across to Texas a total of 1,400 miles.

02-21-2012 Sweetwater, Texas

We were supposed to head for Texas yesterday, but high winds around 30 mph were expected. Needless to say an RV traveling across roads at high winds not such a good idea. So we stayed another night in bore ville. But this morning we left and spent the night at some off the road RV Park called Chaparral for $20. Just put your money in the tin can by the office and pick a spot. It was a nice quiet no frills RV Park. We did not even unhook the truck; we just walked up the street to a Chinese buffet place for $7 had good dinner. However, the next morning I was not feeling too well.


Today we headed east, next stop Killeen here we come. Several hours down the line I felt sick and had to pull over to barf alongside the road. About two hours later, I felt sick again and pulled over to throw up. We got stuck in the mud and I never barf but I had the runs, so I run into the RV. Some real nice guy with a Chevy truck turned around and helped to pull us out of the mud. If it weren’t for this Texan we’d be high and dry for awhile. He would not take any money and told us to just stop and help the next guy, Mahalo bruddha. Terry gave him some Hawaiian cookies and thanked him for helping us. Another two hours later we pulled into Killeen and I had to pull into a used car lot and throw up into a plastic bag, and it leaked over my shirt and I also had the runs at the same time. Damn Chinese food got me sick, now I don’t like Chinese food and hate Chinese people. Nah I just spent the next four days in Killeen sick like a dog. I will leave out the graphics for those of you who are not real fans.


On this day, late in the afternoon, because of Elisha's medical problems the doctor felt it was best to induce labor.

A couple of hours later, Xavian Gregory Keahi Skelton was born. Several hours later, he went into respitory distress and was placed on oxygen in NICU (Neonatal ICU). fans.