2008 JAYCO 31.5 BHDS




My 2008 Jayco 31.5 BHDS Eagle Super Lite 5th Wheel

Double Slideout Front Queen Bedroom, Rear Bedroom with Trundle Bunk Beds



In February of 2009, I located a 2008 Jayco 31.5 at a reduced rate.. I closed the deal with a small deposit and a trip to Riverside, California.  I arrived at Los Angeles Airport on the 16th of February.

Lucky for me, Julieanne and Jacela had just moved to the Los Angeles area with David.  They now live in Pomona, California which is about 30 minutes drive from Richardon's RV.  They were nice enough to allow me to stay with them for my three day tour.  When I arrived, they picked me up from the airport and drove me to the dealership.

I didn't get much sleep on the red eye flight, so I was tired but excited when I arrived at Richardson's RV.

I met with Tammy Garcia the Finance Girl and signed the papers to become a new Jayco RV owner.

After the paperwork was completed, I was taken to another site to do a walk thru of my new rv. Unfortunately, when I viewed my rv for the first time I was disappointed. First of all, the rv had not been cleaned for viewing. It also did not have the welcome kit inside the unit. All the manuals and controls for the television and dvd/radio player were not inside the unit. The young service member who helped me did a very good job at presenting the unit. However, he was unable to properly operate the television or the dvd/radio unit.

When I ordered the unit, I purchased three options that were not ready. I ordered an RV cover, 5th wheel skirt for the front of the unit, and retractable awnings for the two slideout rooms. The men at the site had no idea about the options that I had ordered.

I went back to the finance office and after several phone calls, the "options" that I had ordered and paid for were acknowledge by the staff. I was assured that the items would be ready within 10 days and the unit would be towed to the storage lot and photos would be taken of the unit in place and sent to me by Gary Alexander.

Needless to say I was a bit disappointed that the unit was not completely ready and the options that I had orederd were not ready.

I spent the next two days getting several items from Camping World and storing them on the unit.

The next day, David was good enough to lend me his Honda and I drove to Alamo Storage in Riverside to secure my parking spot. I signed the contract and for only $60 a month, my Jayco 31.5 had a new home. The facility is secured with a passcode required to gain access.





This is a 34' 2" Floorplan with the Exterior Height w/ Air Conditioner at about 151". The Bedroom Interior Height is 77". The Sleeping Capacity is about 6-9 people.




The dinette area and sofa sleeper.  The dinette folds down to support a bed.  The sofa sleeper opens up to a good size bed.




You need to rearrange the cushions in order to set up the smaller bed.




You can fold down the sofa for another good sized bed 44"x72"





This is the Trundle bed.  The top bunk trices (nautical term) up and the bottom bunk is a little larger than the top.  There are three storage drawers below the bottom bunk.  There is a third futon bed stored under the bottom bunk. The dimensions are as follows;  Top bunk 30"x73", bottom bunk and futon bed 38"x73". 




This is the Trundle bed.  The bottom futon mattress is stored under the bottom bed. This futon bed is 38"x73", which is the same size as bottom bunk bed. A normal futon mattress is 30" x 73".




This is the Trundle bed with the top bumk triced up. Gives more room to bottom bunker or kids to play.




This is the television, computer station, and wardrobe area opposite the Trundle bed.  Lots of storage area and a small closet.




This is the Kitchen area, microwave oven, freezer, double sink and refrigerator.




This is the double sink with high faucet.




This is the 3 Burner stove and oven, runs on propane and automatically switches to electric when plugged into shore power (another nautical term).




This is the refrigerator, freezer unit which also runs on propane and switches to electricity when connected to shore power.




This is the restroom area, just enough room to get business done.




This is the shower and basin area in the master bedroom.




This is the master bedroom in the front of the 5th wheel.




The queen bed triced up for storage area.




Rear of Jayco Eagle Super Lite




Front view of Eagle Super Lite