I headed West to Denver, Colorado and stayed at the Golden Terrace RV in Golden for two months. I really enjoyed my visit to Colorado it is such a cool place to visit. This RV Park is real nice, stalls kinda small but comfortable and clean showers and good location.

I While in Golden, I visited with Brenda’s step mother and her husband Richard. I had a great time with the family and really enjoyed myself. I even went fishing several times with Richard. I purchased a fishing permit at Wal-Mart for about $60 for the entire year since I was going to be in Colorado for several months.

I spent alot of time with the Duran's and they all made me feel welcomed like part of their Ohana.

They took me camping at Eleven Mile Lake and took me to all the scenic areas especially the Black Rock area. Deloris she loved to gamble and each week they would pick me up and we'd go have dinner at the buffet at her favorite casino. We really had some good times for sure.

One time, Richard took me fishing at Leadville Lake. It was a long drive but worth the scenery and company. We had a great breakfast at the Golden Burro Cafe in Leadville. On the way back Richard got us this unreal dish of fries smothered in green chili and cheese. Now this was a cardiac dish for sure damn onolicious.......

When Brenda, Rudy, Gabe, and Lehua arrived we all went camping again at Eleven Mile Lake. Rudy caught a fish by jumping in the water in bvd's and hand grabbing it like Hillbilly Fisherman do...... We attended Toby n Arlene's daughter's wedding way up in the hills I mean way fricken just below the clouds. Now that was one awesome wedding in the Colorado Rockies.

The whole family drove to Glennwood Springs for the weekend. Me and Duke stayed at the Glennwood Motor Inn. I went to the underground steam baths at Yampah Spa for some happy me time it was awesome. I also went up to the top of the mountain in a ski lift was high. But was not as high and as awesome as the one in Albuquerque....

So far, Colorado is the coolest state with the most scenery and I reallllllyyyy enjoyed it here, especially with my new Ohana......