2008 FORD F-250






This is my new 2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty Diesel Truck purchased from McKenna Ford in Kailua Hawaii. I purchased this truck about a year and a half before I planned to retire. I purchased the truck early because it was a good deal and I wanted to learn how to operate this large truck and pay it down before retirement. This truck is huge inside as well as outside. I really enjoy driving this truck and it currently gets 14.8 mpg.




The front view of this truck is so cool, check out the extendable towing mirrors, the fog lights, and the roof clearance lights.



This is the passenger side/rear view of the beast. This truck is sytling as well as a performance topper. The Conventional tow rating is 12,000lbs, with the 5th wheel rating at 15,200lbs. With my Jayco at maximum rating of 11,200lbs, this beast is more than enough to run America's roads.


This is the rear view of the beast. This model as the easy assist tailgate lift. Which means that there is a coil spring on boths sides of the gate making it easy to lift with just two fingers. Installed in the bumper is a reverse alarm system and a color back up camera.



Here's Duke, he is my traveling partner. Born on 9-11-2006 in Pearl City, he is an AKC registered Yellow Lab Retreiver with his parents originally from Portland, Oregon. He is a very playful, loving dog who gets along with everyone he meets. He was properly trained with Ceasar Milan "The Dog Whisper" philosophy of Exercise, Discipline, then Affection. Discipline is defined by rules, boundaries, and limitations. Walk that puppy 45 minutes a day.