El Paso



We left Tucson and headed to El Paso Texas. As soon as we crossed the border into El Paso, I played my favorite Marty Robbins song El Paso City. El Paso was a boring place and very, very windy. I set up the satellite dish and the wind knocked if otta wack and I had to call service technician to realign it.

We did get to visit Cattleman’s Ranch which is a working ranch, zoo, and restaurant.

I drove a half hour into New Mexico to visit the Sunland Park Horse Track. This was my first time at a horse race track and was sooo cool…

You going down!!!!
You no my sista Virgie?
Oil Transport Wagon
Oh Dear!!
Da Black Sheep..
What you Lookin at?
Stop Horsing Around
Oil Co..
The Wagon to Dodge City
Mr. Ostrich
First Race Tracks
1/2 mile
Neck n Neck..
Wild Virgie in da Lead..
Go Virg...
Second Race 3/4 mile
Go Gus Go
Gus is da winna...