On my Dad’s birthday, I arrived at Driftwood RV Park in Brookings late in the afternoon. What a white knuckle kind of drive from Medford to Brookings. I drove alongside high mountains and very winding turns. This was by far the spookiest drive I have had in any state.

After I got set up we decided to drive to the local pub and have some beers at Southaven Marina restaurant. This was my spot, I loved this place had good Alaskan Amber Ale and fried Dill pickles and talked with owner Kathy. They had the best homemade clam chowder I have ever had. It’s made fresh everyday and the pickles were hand dipped in Alaskan Amber Ale and fried in their own batter.

The only bad thing is they close at 6pm daily. When I came out of the restaurant, I had a flat tire. It was cold in Brookings so I waited inside the next bar for roadside assistance. I have a plan with Good Sam ERS and they had someone come out and change my flat in less than an hour, thanks Good Sam.

I really enjoyed Brookings; this was our most favorite town. While at the harbor, I saw people throwing crab nets into the water with their fishing poles. I bought a net from this kid and I went to get a license and got a fishing pole at Fred Meyer’s. I started trying to catch crabs but only caught one the whole day. People here use raw chicken and turkey parts as bait. I had such a great time; this lady gave me a couple crabs because she said they caught plenty the day before. I steamed them inside the RV and I had the best freshest tasting crab ever. It seemed like I had seasoned the crabs but nope I just steamed them and they were so damn ono. I loved this place so much that I went and paid extra to stay for the whole month. I definitely have to come back to this wonderful place.


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Steaming Crabs n Havin A Negro Modelo