Big Sur


I went to Big Sur with my mom and grandmother in 2006 when I rented an RV for a week. We stayed at the Big Sur Campground next to a small river. This was a really cool RV park and my very first park at that. I had to reverse into our spot at night and struck a branch and made a small scrape on the top of the rv.

We stayed here for two nights and walked around the area and really enjoyed ourselves for our first adventure.

We also stayed a few nights at Holiday RV Park in Pismo Beach. We visited Solvang a neat little Dutch town where we visited my freind's family at a local bakery. W also had a great time visiting San Francisco and Santa Cruz RV park. It was a great trip and I enjoyed the time I spent with mom, grandma, and Joshua.

With the rental vehicle I drove us all to Reno because Grandma wanted to gamble. We got to drive through Virginia City, Nevada for OBVIOUS reasons. We saw snow falling for the first time and Wow was so cool.




Eh Make Sure you get 22 clams no more than me ok!!!!


Hilltop Cafe in Novato

Joshua and Mom

Mom's Favorite Tree in Big Sur

Outside Hilltop Cafe

Nice Bench in Solvang!

Look at these


Big Fricken Brussel Sprouts!!

Eh I hope You Made Coffee!!!

Permanent Resident Pismo Beach


Grandma at Seal Beach

Chicken Legs!!

"Da Gang Solvang"


Crablegs at Fisherman's Wharf

Cozy at Pismo Beach

I Hope this Ostrich No Bite!!


I Get Big Ones Two!

Mountain Lady......

Only Hawaii People BBQ in da Cold!!


Do I Have To Aunty????

Ma You Burnin Da Chicken!!!!

Virgie Pass Me One Beer.....


Grandma, No Moa Chicken Already!!!!!

Thanksgiving 2006.....

All Kinds Ono Kin Grinds.......


We Went to Visit Aunty Jennifer...

Joshua Martin..............

Some unknown Camp Area


See Da Snow Fall?????

Snowing in Virginia City....

Mountain Man Dats Camera in my Shirt..


Joshua Come Here........

Grandma Come Here..........

You Going Get It Joshua!!!!!


Grandma My Turn!!!!!

Take That Old Lady!!!!!!

Wasn't Snowing in San Francisco...

What Cannot Eat Lunch in Peace????

Mom and Joshua Big Sur Driveway....