Bullhead City to The Canadian Border

Day 1-12 April 26th

While in Bullhead City, Rudy was able to repack my wheel bearings and inspect my truck and rv for the long drive. Brenda won a jackpot across at The Colorado Belle and we almost got kicked out this casino..................... Cant say anything more about that hahahahahaha.

Then we headed from Bullhead City to Las Vegas with Rudy and Brenda. We spent about 9 days in Vegas and had a great time. We saw some shows, toured around as usual and the girls went shopping crazy. Sharon joined us for a couple of days and Marlene also came out for a shopping spree as women usually do.

Day 13th May 9th

Vacation was over for my Ohana and I dropped off Rudy and Brenda at the airport and told them not to call me for couple weeks haha..............

Day 14th May 10th

I traveled from Main Street Station to Fallon, Nevada (US 95) 387 miles and 5:56. I spent the night at Walmart Super Center a very quiet place and great rates.

Day 15th May 11th

I drove to Burns, Oregon (US 95) 350 miles and 5:17. I spent the night at Crystal Crane Hot Springs for $20 night dry camp. This fee included use of the hot springs which was very refreshing.

Day 16-28th May 11th-23rd

I drove from Burns to Vancouver, Washington 308 miles and 5:32. I had a great vacation with my cousins Lina, Nick, Estee, Michael, Daniel, Denise, Dana, Damien, Sina, Christian, Destiny. We had such a great time and I sure missed them when it was time for me to leave.......

Day 29th May 23rd

I drove from Vancouver to Poulsbo 173 miles and 2:57 I got to visit with my good friend Compai Ron Richardson and his Daughter Ceriese. I only stayed over night but we all had a great time and its a very cool little town.

Day 30th May 24th

I drove from Ron's place to Tacoma 51 miles and 1:07. I Got to visit with Patti Asamura and Lionel Kawada (but he was in Hawaii), they live on a little farm with bunch of animals. Its such a great place, so many animals and I got some fresh chicken eggs for the ride to Canada. We also had a great dinner of Vietnamese food with Maddie and Gordon Morikawa and I forgot my wallet eh tanks Gordon..................

Day 31st May 25th

I drove from Patti's place to Kent 166 miles and 2:35. I had a short visit with Malcom and Sylvia Chang. They took to me lunch at this really cool Chinese Dim Sum place which we all really enjoyed. It was great meeting up with them, we hooked up in Vegas last year at the Blue Invasion II.

Day 32nd May 26th

I drove to Sumas which is at the Canadian Border 133 miles and 2:43. I spent the night at the world famous Walmart which has great rates. The next morning I went to Chase Bank and got some Canadian Funny Money haha.


The Canadian Border to Alaska

Day 1 172 km 3:2min

I got to the Canadian border about 1100 and traffic was moving a little slow. After passing the main gate, I had to pull over and get my vehicle inspected. The officer that helped me was about 6-2 295lbs Haole guy. It took him about 25 minutes to inspect my car and RV while I waited in the building. I was worried because I had my black jack hiding in a secret place. I was told that I had about $120 alcohol tax because of all the extra alcohol I had in my truck, thanks to Cuz Damien for setting me up.

I had to go in the little room and anser a shit load of questions. You are from Hawaii, but you are a South Dakota resident, You have property in Arizona that your rv is registered at and property in San Antonio, Texas. Oh and you have a Arizona State ID card, a Texas State ID card, a Hawaii State ID card and a South Dakota Drivers license. RED FLAG no worries after I got done explaining Me just how I ROLE the guy said ok we will let you in our country.

I drove to Cache Creek, BC and spent my first night in Canada at the world famout A&W Restaurant a Free Dry camp night

I walked to a local pub and had a glass of beer, Oasis Alex Keith's Red Ale which was very well deserved and a corned beef sand and greek salad, salad weigh more than sandwich.

Day 2 441 kilometeres and 4:45

I stopped at Chasm Provincial Park and viewed the big ass canyon wow what a super cool place. My first stop was at Red Crow Pizza Cafe Highway 97 for some coffee. Then I stopped at Lac La Hache restaurant for my first Strawberry Rhubarb pie and a vanilla latte. The Russian owner was a little huffed at me because I had asked him what was a Rhubarb. He looked at me strange and wasn't even able to tell me what it was I had to Google it. There went my first $10 funny money.

I drove from Cache Creek to Prince George I dry camped for free at Treasure Cove Casino (Indian Casino). I walked around the casino and had one beer. Then I walked around the entire perimeter of the casino into the neighboorhood for some exercise and I seen some Kanuks playing softball.

When I got back to the rv, I had my first major incident a flat tire on the rv. Since my phone did not work in this country, I walked back to the casino and nice folks there let me use their phone to call Good Sam Emergency Roadside Service. What a great service only $79 for the first year and it sure came in handy. Ten minutes after I got back to the rv, the tow truck was there and changed my flat tire. The next morning in drove in to town to get my flat fixed for $22 funny money.

Day 3 Prince George rest day

Today I took the day off and went to the Railway and Forestry Museum NAH, fixed my tire, went to the Science Museum, walked around the park again, took a little siesta and went to see Tomorrow Land movie.

Day 4 Dawson City 406 kilometers and 4:0

Mile 0 Camp dry in big field DRY $20 x 3 nights. First stop Big O Tires fix flat, then Windy Point Inn for gas in McLeod Lake I had some coffee and n apple turnover, it wasn't like a Zippy's apple napple. Stopped in Chetwynd for some Kentucky Fried Chicken no need gas till DC. Found a free sani dump in Chetwynd very muddy road had to use 4 WD up and down the hill.

I had couple beers at Rockwell's Pub where they have live country music tonight and tomorrow, Train Wreck is playing. Beer was great I took my chicken wings back to the rv needed some rest.

Day 5 Tour Dawson Creek

My propane finally ran out, I didn't really use it that much coming up but from now on I will be using it. Drove to the Farmers Market but for some reason was closed today. I toured the Alaska Highway House and visited the start of the Alaskan Highway Mile O in the middle of town. I also drove to view the Kiskatinaw Bridge and an old fashioned bakery and ate some Machitao bread. I went back to listen to country music ended up catching the cab back was less than a mile haha stupid I shouldv'e just walked. Next day I walked back get my truck.

Day 6 Tour Pouce Coupe

This little town blows, nothing here lucky was only a short drive. I had lunch at Tom Horton's a restaurant chain in Canada with free wifi. I drove to the Co-op store for some water and salad. Had some lau lau and kim chee and watched movies in the rv w/some Crown Royal Apple.

Day 7 Fort Nelson 280 miles 5:7

I drove to Fort Nelson today and stopped at Esso for gas, coffee n #1. Reservations at little Inn for $20 night dry. When I met the owner a Filipina girl very nice she gave me a great site for only $15 w free showers. I had Chinese food next door and a beer at the bar across the street. The pub was called Dans, they great chicken wings and the girls there gave great service. They took the time to explain to me about thier funny money. I was able to watch baseball highlights including the Giants vs Pitts game which we lost.

Day 8 Liard Hot Springs 300 km and 3:43

On the way to Liard Hot Springs I had to stop at Tetsa Campground for their world famous cinammon rolls and some spicy sausage I also purchase a credit card sized knife. This was my only defense against the wildness of this country, well other than my highly evolved Ninja Warriors Skills. After paying my $26 for the night, I parked in a nice spot and did not even unhook the rv. I came here to enjoy the Springs and let me tell you it was super van tastic, I really enjoyed myself and also went for a swim the next morning where I encounterd a large Moose wow he was huge.

Day 9 Watson Lake 180 miles

On the way to Watson Lake, I made several stops for Buffalo, Moose, and three bears n a mountain sheep. I found a great site for just $12 dry camp and walked across the street n ate chicken wings at Kathy's and small salad.

Day 10 Watson Lake Tour

I toured the Inerpretive Center and the Visitor's center. I also toured the famous Sign Forrest and watched the Night lights show at the Northern Lights Space n Science Center.

Day 11 Whitehorse 271 miles today

I drove through Teslin, stopped for lunch in the middle of town just soup n bran muffin. I camped at Walmart and used the wifi at McDonald's. The rv parking area was directly in front of Starbucks and a gas station n free dump site. It was very windy that day and two shopping carts crashed into my truck causing some damage. I moved the rv into the middle of the pack to avoid any more damage.

Day 12 Whitehorse tour

Today, I got a free three day pass from the Visitor's Center good for any metered stall in town. I Toured the MacBride Museum and the Beringia Centre saw big ass fake animals. I walked along the Yukon riverwalk and got to see an Army Cadet Graduation Ceremony along the waterfront. I stopped by a local wagon and got a polish sausage dog and a ginger ale. I also stopped at the local hardware store and purhcased a roll of Reflectix for covering the rv windows so I can sleep better since it don't get dark here. I got to try some sushi for dinner but no can beat Hawaii for the freshest n bestest sushi............

Day 13 Tour Whitehorse

I walked across town and toured the SS Klondike and checked out the Yukon Brewery tour. Across the street from the rv I had a few beers at a cool place called Earl's, had me some Yukon Gold, Red, and Bonanza onolicious......

Day 14 Tour Whitehorse

Wow what a nice morning I woke to great temperature, walked to Starbucks for a cream cheese bagel and an Americano. Called brother Mark this morning left message and got to talk with him later in the day. I walked to the end of town again and had a sandwich at Tim Hortons. Took a 45 minute hike at Miles Canyon and made some beans n turkey in my pressure cooker. Had two Earl's Yukon Bonanza beers n a Sampler Row..

Day 15 Destruction Bay YT 259km and 3:2

I drove to Destruction Bay today with a stop at Walmart for supplies before hitting the road. Got gas at Fas Gas in Haines Junction and a Caribou hot dog in Kluane Lake. Camped at Talbot Arms little motel and rv park w 4 sites and a gas station and great restaurant. Can't beat it for just $12 a night electric included and great Philly Cheesesteak sandwich n salad at the saloon and listened to Giants game on Sat radio.


Alaska The Last Frontier


Day 16 Tok, Alaska 361km and 4:41

I finally made it to Alaska...... I was so happy when I saw that sign ALASKA wow, I hugged the pole marker n pat myself on the back, You did it Gus jus Me and My Tacoma w my Prowler in tow.. I camped out at the Chevron Gas Station in town free dry camp and water n dumb site in the back as long as you put some gas. I got my dads and Vanessa birthday cards today. Nessa neva get her card till end of September haha. My dad got his in September before the funeral. Hawaiian Tyme is all I got to say.......

I had several beers with the locals at Husky Saloon across the street from the Chevron.

Day 17 Tour Tok

Do nothing yup Nada

Day 18 Tour Tok

I walked over to the Visitor's Center and drove around town and toured the grocery store. The guy at the Visitor's Center told me he was plahing music for free that night at Tok RV Park so I went over there for a little while. He was ok very enthusiastic entertainer but when he started making up his own words for the songs I had to leave. If he dont know the song no make up words and sing song all jumbled words haha... I had some beers at Husky again and chicken wings at Fast Eddy Restaurant.

Day 19 Fairbanks 204 miles and 3:27

I fueled up and emptied my tanks at Chevron and headed to Fairbanks. I stopped at the North Pole to tour Santa's House and get some cards for family n friends. Then I stopped at the VFW for a beer and the place was much too small for my rv so I left and ended up dry camping at Walmart again.

Day 20 Walmart

I spent the day just walking around in the area and I went to the movies kinda laid back day.

Day 21 Moved to Tanana Camp


Go Tanana Camp $20 dry

Toyota dealer

Wash clothes


Rv propane reserve lasted 17 days from May 30 th

Free baseball game



Day 22 June 16 $20


•  Opening game 1900 gold panners free five game

•  Alaska Fish Wildlife center and Creamers hike all over the place good one



Day 23 June 17 $20


•  Went to Tanana Valley Farmers Market ate tacos, got chips for later.

•  Walmart shop around

•  Alaska Fish processing plant smoke bellie

•  Asian store

•  Another free game



Day 24 June 18 $20


•  Lounge around till boat

•  Post office mail jacela n dad card

•  Riverboat Discovery Cruise one hour down, one hour tour.

•  Then 5 pm game

•  Brewsters have two beers n ono chicken wings..



Day 25 June 19 extened two days Tanana $20


•  Relax n surf maybe stay somewhere two more days not sure where cuz Denali rain until Thursday

•  Going walmart change propane maybe

•  Gen died Lowes new one Genset charge batteries tomorrow

•  going game 1900

•  Neva go game went mex had beer n two hard tacos to go

•  Laarni Ramirez was hacked



Day 26 June 20 Tanana $20

•  Run gen 3 hours charge bat

•  walk pioneer Park

•  Then game


Day 27 th June 21 Walmart free


•  Full tank water n drain DUMP

•  Walk around Walmart Father's Day talk X

•  Pedicure done 38 year girl Vietnam

•  Nap

•  Go Pizza Hut wings

•  Game pau 1:15am 7-4 win


Day 28 th June 22 Walmart free


•  Going movies 1250 Andreas

•  Prob nothing today

•  Fill water bottles walmart


Day 29 th June 23 rd Denali Outland park $12 dry w showers n wifi great deal 4 nights


•  Arrived 1415 ck in smoke in air, then it rains

•  49 th brewery crack kind n gumbo Alaskan seafood w reindeer

•  Wash clothes yup Eat Rv n surf ? Raining


Day 30 th June 24 th $12

•  Wilderness access change ticket for 915

•  Hike w big foot killa

•  Drove Savage lake hike up hill killa

•  Prospectors 49 beers n elk meatballs

•  Deli store get salami n cheese n $4 bag ice


Day 31 st June 25 th $12


•  Wonder Lake Tour Ride 111 hour bus in Denali

•  Fricken wow factor


Day 32 nd June 26 th $12

•  Generator 2:45 charge G

•  Savage lake 2 mile loop climbed mountain n sing

•  Shop town Crow Nest 2 beers then walk Prospectors 2 beers nap in parking lot


Day 33 rd June 27 th Talkeetna ? Free Chante house

•  Propane empty new tank Trade in tank

•  Talkeetna walk around ice cream, cap chino and photo of Hank the Moose

•  Drove Walmart Anchorage no can camp had beef outside

•  Chante house park driveway

•  Seafood chowder n garlic toast

•  Ileina dance, sing and talk

•  Ziggy at sons house catch cab home 1230

•  Chante make mango strawberry margaritas n cherry too.

•  Only one air channel

•  Watch DVD big Bang



Day 34 th June 28 th Chante free


Day 35 th June 29 th Chante free


•  Movies at 10pm Magic Mike


Day 36 th June 30 Chante birthday


Day 37 th July 1 st

Day 38 th July 2 nd


Shop downtown Chante

N kids eat hot dog in stand drive around tourist

Day 39 th July 3 rd


Rebel camera

BBQ Granny Sue ripped


Day 40 th July 4 th. Free at Alyeska

Veg out RV kick out Chante

Road closed to Whittier plane landed on road. Opened up 7pm park at Alyseka Free


Day 41 July 5 th. Free Alyeska

free park lot resort

Tram $35 w $20 coupon Deli

Fo 40 th annual Forrest Fair hippies


Day 42 nd July 6 th. Free at Alyeska


Hike to Hand tram 5 miles RT

Laarni got box happy

Giants lose 7 th game row Mets



43 July 7 th . Seward


tank empty at Tesoro

$15 ocean camp 3 days


Portage n Byron Glacier

$22 Whittier toll road

Whittier was a wash left headed Seward


44 July 8 th

Seward $15


Woke up met neighbors next door lived Kona Linda n friend w grandkids camping


Otter in water


Portuguese sausage n eggs


Going for walk da town

Walk all over go post office then coffee shop n Woodys Thai.

Then bars too much ey soup



45 July 9 $15 3 night


Laarni Bday

Exit glacier then walk downtown n go sea Bean coffee surf

Eat soup Rv relax



46 July 10 $15 four night in Seward



47. July 11 go Homer? Fishing Hole Camp paid three night $45 ck in box stall 13. Walk downtown Neva feel good order cod n slaw no felt good walk back ok. Ate fish later n three beers. Bad gas. Also had two roadside tacos habanero sauce n orange at the Rv


48 July 12 2 nd day FH $15

Rain jus walk see guys fish talk German lady her husband give filet n bones n head n got ore bone n head from other guy. Went Safeway made soup two heads n some bone from other day. Hawaiian salt n cilantro n garlic powder n onion n three tomatoes n lots ginger. Rudy recipe was so damn Ono brain today cold



49 July 13 3 rd night FH $15

go post office visitor center n hike maybe



50 July 14


Lox bagels

German salmon n dawg

All star game

New propane tank last one

Lasted from Day 33 till tonight 17 days not bad


51 July 15


Look for hike or long ass walk. Nope jus watch my three neighbors fishing ole girls from Iowa. Then salty dawg big momma from Texas n her friends


52 July 16


Head out Ninilchik or Kenai ?? Some guy park fast hit Brenda slide out w bike. Nice guy from Tucson hang also next day left wife gave me brownies

Nope met Sal n Diana from Phoenix and also Williajms. Extended my stay

Drink beer w Sal


53 July 17. $15


Catch mussels n watch Brenda fish n Sal caught small Salmon eat sashimi w Glenn n wife also talk story

New neighbors one guy before Hawaii George old lady said in family hang w them stay couple more days ??


54 July 18 $15


Hang w Wanda n Mary n George n ohana fish. Had clam soup across street junk food bread ok


Walk salty dawg w Glenn look for Sal he catch fish n 80lb halibut wow we drink three beers each n sal walked down met us come back. I made furikake salmon n Glenn gave smoke trout n salmon. I gave furikake salmon glen not cooked all way but I ate um ok


55 July 19 Homer last night $15


Sal given us halibut today prob stay another night

Frozen chunk halibut

Ride bicycle 6.5 miles

Glenn fried halibut great

Diana made furukaki salmon n her rice was ono


56 July 20 Nanilchik beach $15


fresh empty tanks. No shower yikes

Nanilchik Beach nice quiet night

Chicken strips at Inlet View Rest n three beers


57 July 21 Free Walmart at Kenai


Kenai baseball Peninsula Oilers vs Anchorage Bucks Oil lost

Chicken wings walmart


58 July 22 Free Walmart


Go movies 140 see Antman

Maybe fix battery terminals nope

Cold rainy day


59 July 23 free Walmart


watch Dip Net n buy bacon n rain deer sticks n rain deer bratwurst

watch Oilers last night Kenai


60 July 24 free Fred


Hooligans watch Hobo Jim

Shop around Fred Meyer


61 July 25 free Fred


Go Progressive days at Soldotna park eat catfish n ice cream

Watch carving wood match

Made bratwurst w peppers n onions good


62 July 26 free Fred


Fill two tanks w propane

Wash clothes

Rain so do nothing

Chili at Buckets

Run out u lasted 12 days

switch be tank good thing fill up today


63 July 27 state Fair free


Stopped Anchorage sausage got two small stuffs other place better

See game Matsu win 7-1

had Miner Dog

fresh tanks


64 July 28 State Fair free


move to Fred RV n breakfast eggs bene

See Terminator in wasilla

Buy safety chain hooks

Cruise Fred Meyer

Game two lost 7-3


65 July 29 State Fair free


miners lost


Go library cruise


66 July 30


Movies Vacation n shakedown

Miners lost last game season yesterday order sweat shirt$57

Stir fry reindeer sausage


67 July 31. Elisha B Day free Tok a chevron


300 miles to Tok

Beer saloon relax couple days

Ck mail tomorrow


68 August 1 st


Free night Tok Chevron


Chante mail returned

Medeiros sent me SF all star hat

Ufc fights Tundra Lodge


69 August 2 free Walmart Whitehorse


start Gas back to Merica


Gas August 2-10 Canada

10 hour drive n relax walmart






70 August 3 Monday free walmart


Movies seen Mission impossible good


Walk cool town

Lunch spinach salad n world famous halibut f m Klondike rib n salmon BBQ world famous

Falcon Follies show n subway lobster


71 Aug 4 free Whitehorse

Bicycle fish ladder 6.5 miles RT

Soup at Klondike place no feel good

Starbucks surf

Nap had soup dinner



72 Aug 5 Whitehorse sleep

Tihanni hot springs

Wash clothes

Starbucks surf


iPad movies


73 Aug 6 head to canyon rest area free


tanks empty n propane switch at lunch


While putting gas in Whitehorse saw Mary walking her dog (Iowa girls from Homer). When I left drove by saw Brenda outside w here dogs stop say hey then go go they heading to Liard Hotsprings $26 nah no need


Stop Watson Lake Tags get honey garlic wings dozen for $9.95 that's only $7.75 in Merica money.


Nice spot secluded only one here at whirlpool canyon rest area.


Maybe stop Hotsprings tomorrow morning $5 then stop for Cinnamon rolls….


74 August 7 th Sikanni Chief truck stop?? Korean gas station


nope that was a wash, drove another three hours found a gas station with korean owner n filipina worker let me stay the night left next morning.


75 August 8 th headed to Whitecourt arrived at about 1845 change clocks ahead one hour…


walmart buy bvds n liq store crown apple


beers at orignal Joes???


76 August 9 th headed to Saskatoon last night in Canada…

Yup hot springs nice

Cinnamon roll nice n two hot sausage sticks


Nearly run out gas 22 miles on yellow gps 2 gas stations not there. Drive 1.5 hr more stop some Korean gas station cuz Sikanni chief blows nut there.


75 August 8 th sleep white court walmart


Call dad from tims Horton

Eat Chinese lunch good had leftover afternoon n can soup dinner.


Walmart buy wrong bvds can't return ok


76 August 9 Saskatoon walmart


Call Elisha Tim Horton I was very tire had Americans n surf


Very long drive my worst tired day.


77 August 10 head to Watford ND USA change made it Williston ND shorter drive


78 August 11 $15 Americans way

Mail ok

79 August 12 $191 week Three Flags RV


Chinese food


Walmart call Toyota


80 August 13


81 August 14


Toyota service 3pm


82 August 15

83 August 16

84 August 17

85 August 18

86 August 19

Head for Baggs, Wyoming one night drive 475

Stop empty lot across restaurant n bar had couple bears w internet workers


87 August 20

Drive 548 stop Tuba, Giants gas station Arizona one night


88 August 21


Flagstaff get meds cvs. Aloha Hawaiian BBQ

Canyon motel rv passport America 1 days







Can I Order Two Pasteles Please?
Two Honest Guys
Aloha Bumpercars
Fill Up with Ethyl??
Always in Da Dog Pound
Water Slide Yeah We Got Wet



Three Kings?
Where's My Cerveza??
I Got Those Suckers in my Sight!!
I Got The Bastards!!!!!
All Hands On Deck
Uncle Steve, these lines are loose
Ok, my side is nice and tight!!!
I Wish I Was in Hawaii.....
McHale's Navy
Ships Anchor
The Control Room